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X4 i-Supervision: Reveal 3D Measurement KPIs

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Monitoring the productivity of an expensive 3D measurement equipment is a delicate task. Imagine monitoring several of them, from afar. This is what X4 i-Supervision offers: the simultaneous supervision of 3D measurements taking place on different kinds of measuring machines (such as CCMs, arms, robots, etc.).

Live Monitoring

Regardless of the connected measuring devices, software packages from Metrologic Group’s X4 product line have a native, direct and live connection to X4 i-Supervision. The web-based application displays measurement data in user-friendly, visual graphs and charts. Operators and supervisors may access the information from their desktop or from any mobile device. They may check on inspection progress, get reporting information on specific KPIs, and analyze production data.

Basic Machine Control

The application can be set up to send specific warnings (email, smartphone alert, or a light signal on the shop floor) when defined criteria are reached, such as measurement deviation or reduced productivity. The system allows for quick response action, even when the operator is away from the measuring machine.

On the other hand, X4 i-Supervision can control basic measuring machine functions. The operator or supervisor may use the web interface to stop one or several machines, send them a “return to safety position” command and, after checking security, restart the execution of selected measurement programs.

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