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X4 i-Holo: Mixing Real and Virtual 3D Inspection, Live

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Metrolog X4 sends 3D measurement data to the HoloLens in real-time, which allows for immediate and on-location detection of measured defects.

Imagine a completely new vision of 3D metrology. Now just try it. With X4 i-Holo, Metrologic Group offers the first 3D measurement mixed reality solution of the market. Based on the Microsoft HoloLens platform, X4 i-Holo provides an easy-to-use and simple collaborative tool.

Using the HoloLens interactive interface supporting gaze tracking, voice activation and self-repositioning, X4 i-Holo snaps the computed measurement results to the real part, color-maps deviations and gives instructions to the operator using live hologram representations directly over the real part, in front of the operator’s eyes. No need for a fixed installation or a complex tracking-based system.

How does it work?

Metrolog X4 sends the data to the HoloLens in real-time, which allows for immediate and on location detection of major defects and quick response planning for a collaborative manufacturing or engineering review of the real part.

X4 i-Holo may be used from start to end of the measurement process:

  • During planning and preparation to assess reachability: using virtual probing and machine motion around the real part, X4 i-Holo may merge the inspection plan with the real part and tools to validate reachability.
  • During manual measurements, offering probing assistance: the operator is guided and receives visual instructions that X4 i-Holo projects live onto the part, in front of his eyes.
  • For reporting: X4 i-Holo displays analysis results in real-time over the measured part, with gaze-tracking stickers, color mapping and other readily available standard Metrolog X4 tools.
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