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LNS Group

The mission of the LNS Group is to imagine, design and provide solutions, accessories and services automating manufacturing worldwide. In order to achieve this the Group strives to be the global leading provider of 1 stop solutions for the machine tool industry. To succeed the Group is commited to providing the highest innovation of quality products and services with a customer focused culture that demands continuous improvement in all that is done.

This know-how is illustrated, in particular in bar feeding systems, cutting fluid management systems and the chip evacuation systems. From the start to the finish of the production cycle, the LNS Group optimizes the material flow.

The LNS Group with over 800 employees distributes its products throughout the world.

LNS Asia

For over 25 years, LNS Asia has specialized in the production of loading magazines for lathes and CNC lathes. Through years of efforts, LNS loading magazines have gained excellent name recognition in the worldwide machine tool market, and have earned a premium reputation among customers.

The hard-won LNS reputation for uncompromising machine quality is a result of innovative design, use of state-of-the-art production techniques, stringent quality control procedures, and excellent technical support. LNS loading magazines are sold worldwide through exclusive agents or direct sales to end users. We have set up branch companies in Malaysia, China, Thailand and Korea to guarantee efficient and fast service.

Dedication to the company’s principle of “Guaranteed quality, superior technology and customer satisfaction”, and years of effort have made us the leader among loading magazine manufacturers in Asia. We have established an excellent reputation for quality loading magazines in our domestic as well as overseas markets. We will continue to pursue higher technology, and will strive to remain at the forefront of our industry.