MetroLogic Reseller

KWT Werkzeugtechnik is one of the largest manufacture and distributor of Europe.

Our range includes:
Toolholders, milling tools, cutting tools and as well as the complete peripheral equipment connected with the tooling machines. The high quality of KWT Werkzeugetchnik product range is the result of a costant research of an expert team extremely concerned as regard the technological development of new production systems and then highly market oriented.

Our toolholders are manufactured on the latest generation of machine tools which are among the most up-to-date and precise available on the international market and they guarantee with sistematic repeatability the achievement of quotes and tolerances up to fractions of microns. The proper layout and rigid quality controls during the process, through electronic and pneumatic german technology, assure to our products the highest precision and the quality targets projected through sophisticated computer aided “solid works” systems.

Our aim is to serve our customers with always better optimized precision tools and to extend our stock availability.

The slogan „High performance precision tooling systems“ emphasizes the high demand which the company requests from his products. Also in future we always want to be ahead one step of the requirements of the market.