High performance mineral oil-based  metalworking oils. Heavy duty versions available for deep hole drilling, broaching, stamping, etc.

Available in a variety of  performance formulations utilizing extreme pressure and/or polaric lubricity additives with or without chlorine.



  • Universal for machining and grinding of almost all materials.
  • Perfect for job-shop screw machine shops.
  • Especially suited for CNC machinery including Swiss-automatic lathes.


Ultimate performance straight oils based on natural (vegetable oil) esters. Added level of safety from very high flash point and very low mist/vapor formation.

Greatly reduced consumption as compared to similar viscosity mineral oils.



  • Available with or without chlorinated additives. Universal for machining and grinding of almost all materials.
  • Ideal for high productions shops machining titanium, stainless steels, high temp alloys and other difficult to machine materials.