High performance mineral oil-based  micro-emulsions for extended tool life  and superb surface finish. Unique biological concept delivers long term stability without the need for tank side biocides.

Blaser’s best for all around performance, stability, safety and ease of use.  Available for hard or soft water in low to non-foaming varieties. All versions available with or without chlorinated additives.


Universal for machining & grinding of ferrous and non-ferrous materials.

Well suited for heavy duty and difficult operations such as deep hole drilling, broaching, reaming, creep-feed grinding & high speed machining.

VascoVasco 5000

Vegetable ester-based micro emulsion  for superior performance. Ideal for the most difficult operations and surface tolerance requirements.


All ferrous and non-ferrous materials.

Ideally suited for the most demanding machining & grinding applications.


Synthetic, water-miscible, mineral oil free cutting fluid for grinding. Good  rinsing behaviour keeps grinding wheels and machines clean.  Eifficient corrosion protection even at low concentrations, good settling behavior.

The CO version is especially inhibited to prevent cobalt leaching when grinding carbide.


Exceptionally stable water miscible coolants for longest sump life in both centralized systems and stand alone machines. Very clean cutting fluids with lowest top-up rates.

Good to great cutting performance in all materials and operations. Suitable for all water conditions. Dedicated products for specific materials like titanium, aluminium, steel alloys, cast iron, etc.

We are constantly developping new products for this product range – please contact us for information on our newest developments.