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Simulation, the Smart Factory’s Corner Stone

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First step on the 4.0 factory path, 3D inspection should be simulated and virtual. Why is that?

Because when metrologists program offline inspections on complete simulated twins of their actual environment and equipment, this one is free to measure. So, better throughput.

Because when programs have been simulated and virtually tested, they are error and collision-free. So, better efficiency.

Because, an offline simulation program like Silma X4 or Silma X4 i-Robot can work directly with native or neutral CAD files; and because it imports and automatically interprets GD&T. So, faster programming and results interpretation.

Unparalleled Virtual Programming Software

Silma X4 is a complete offline programming solution. The integration of all the real-world components into the virtual world gives the user an endless range of tools to create, simulate and validate offline part programs. Silma X4 consumes digital data from engineering. Thus, inspection programs may be created and validated even before the first part appears on the manufacturing line. Once the inspection system is working, Silma X4 retrieves measurement data and updates its virtual model. This loop between reality and simulation guarantees that simulation sticks precisely to the real world, thus allowing to create a virtual twin of the real inspection process.

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