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Renishaw Revo – 10 times faster

Posted in Machine by Rob Wyche.

Renishaw announces a new version of the REVO® multi-sensor 5-axis measurement system

Measuring a bladed disk with a standard 3-axis measuring system takes more than 22 hours. REVO completes the task in 2 hours and 10 minutes.

That is a 922% throughput increase.

We compared the actual cycle times of existing 3-axis measurement methods versus Renishaw’s REVO system, taking 9 sectional scans, 8 longitudinal scans and 2 root profile scans of each of the 29 blades, plus the annulus profile.

Renishaw is pleased to announce the launch of REVO-2, a new improved version of the revolutionary multi-sensor 5-axis measuring head for use on co-ordinate measuring machines (CMMs). REVO-2 and its new CMM controller UCC S5, build upon the successful REVO multi-sensor system with enhanced power and communications capability to carry the latest REVO sensors such as the RVP vision measurement probe. The head also has an increased range of movement in the negative A-axis which can improve part access and reduce the complexity of stylus set-ups.

REVO-2 incorporates Renishaw’s own ATOM™ optical incremental encoder system that uniquely combines miniaturisation with ruggedness and exceptional metrology performance. ATOM is the world’s smallest readhead using filtering optics. It offers speeds up to 20 m/s (29,000 RPM on a 17 mm disc) and resolutions to 1 nm (0.004 arc second on a 108 mm disc) with a range of linear and rotary (angle) scales available in stainless steel and glass.

REVO-2 is the only scanning system for CMMs that simultaneously controls the motion of three machine and two head axes whilst collecting workpiece data using its range of 2D and 3D tactile probes, surface roughness measurement probe and now non-contact vision probe too. The head’s novel design incorporates sophisticated laser measurement and electrical signal transmission technology for precise workpiece measurement at extremely high rates of data capture. The five-axis control system removes most of the unwanted dynamic errors associated with machine movement because the measuring head performs most of the work. As the head is much lighter and more dynamic than the CMM, it is able to quickly follow changes in the part geometry without introducing harmful dynamic errors. The REVO-2 multi-sensor system is managed by the same I++ DME compliant interface as the original REVO product.

In recognition of the revolutionary 5-axis measuring technology that has brought dramatic benefits to part inspection on CMMs, the REVO system has received multiple prestigious awards.

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