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N.C. Jig and Tool Manufacturers (Pty) Ltd. provide the highest quality manufactured and machined
engineering products to a wide variety of industries. They have a range of CNC milling and turning
machines geared for small precision runs all the way through to high-volume runs.
Since its inception in 1982, N.C. Jig and Tool Manufacturers (Pty) Ltd. has continually strived to provide
the highest possible service levels to its customers by continually improving costs and lead times whilst
maintaining an emphasis on quality.

The company does general engineering (taps, dies, bolts, nuts, covers and pins), pump sets and frames
for Sasol, tooling and dies (forging dies and press tooling) for the mining industry and components such
as link pins and connecting pins for the locomotive industry. Some of their major clients are John Deere,
Bell equipment, Maxim B, SPX as well as Eskom.

When Rothco approached Ian Allman, General Manager, of N.C. Jig and Tool Manufactures to trial
Blaser, his attitude was indifferent and he could not see how Blaser would differ from other coolants he
had tried before. His previous coolant had a sump life of about 6 weeks and then had to be replaced.
Rothco recommended that Ian use, Blasocut 25 SW. BC 25 SW is a water miscible, chlorine free, mineral
oil-based cutting fluid especially designed for use in soft water. It is a highly universal cutting fluid,
designed for general engineering. The concentrate contains calcium which acts as an anti-foaming agent
in soft water. It is applicable for a wide range of applications and is known for its high cutting

The first machine to trial Blasocut 25 SW was a Hyundai Kia SKT 21 CNC Lathe, where an immediate
positive effect on tool life and surface finish was seen. Where one insert (DMNG 110408 Taegutec)
would machine on average 450 components (MK 9 Thumbtack, material EN 3A) per insert, they were
now able to machine over 2000 components per insert. Another benefit was that there was minimal
rust on the component after been left in the open for four weeks. This used to appear within 24 hours. It
wasn’t just performance that was improved. Ian noticed his machines were cleaner and brighter and
even the components themselves looked better.

Blaser LiquidTool Logo Claim ZA ohne R

Ian then decided to do another trial with BC 25 SW. This time the machine was a Challenger BUC 26160.
This machine would cut 25 components (Hanger rods, material 21CrMoV5-7) using one insert (DNMG
150608 Taegutec). They now machine, on average, 283 components using the same insert.
Interestingly, Ian decided to try a cheap, more inferior insert to see what the effect would be on tool
life. To his amazement the cheaper, more inferior insert lasted three times longer than the more
expensive insert; with no other implications and further increasing his savings on tooling.
Ian describes Blaser as a “liquid miracle tool” for engineering companies. The success of these trials have
results in NC Jig changing all their CNC machines to BC 25 SW and they are in the process of investigating changing some of their conventional machines over too. Rothco will be assisting with this process and regular service visits to monitor coolant quality and strength.

Performance and productivity gain is one thing but saving money is important to every business. The
dramatic reduction in tooling and the reduced cost of metalworking fluid, due to the extended sump life,
will also be a saving. A reduction in downtime created by fewer tool changes will further increase
savings. In these difficult economic times, this is most welcomed.
This project demonstrates that the three factors of productivity, economic efficiency and machining
quality depend in large part on the choice and quality metalworking fluid and on the expertise of the
machining specialists. The technological expertise of Rothco transforms the Blaser Swisslube cutting and
grinding fluids into a liquid tool, and into precisely engineered solution to meet the specific needs of
each partner.

image 1

Diane Busch of Rothco (Pty) Ltd with Ian Allman (General Manager) ofN.C. Jig and Tool Manufacturers

(Pty) Ltd.

image 2

Ian Allman with a Thumbtack (MK 9 Thumbtack, material EN 3A). Since using BC 25 SW, there is minimal
rust on the component after being left in the open for over four weeks. Previously, rust would appear
within twenty four hours.

image 3

The components have a cleaner and brighter appearance after using Blaser Swisslube BC 25 SW

Formerly known as Edwin Roth, Rothco specialises in the supply of innovative solutions for the
manufacturing industry, supported by comprehensive consultation, training and support services.
Established in 1952, the company boasts more than 60 years of expertise, combined with the very latest

 throughout South Africa and are trusted suppliers to a range of manufacturing industries country-wide.

 technology and the most innovative manufacturing solutions. Based in Johannesburg, we have support

Our mission is to deliver innovative and diversified solutions that add value to the manufacturing
industry at large and our personalised solutions have a triple focus on people, productivity and profit.
Within our five specialised divisions (DESIGN, PROTOTYPE, MACHINES, SERVICE, and TOOLING) is
ROTHCO tooling.
Blasers “liquid tool” and their commitment to the client to improve economic efficiency, machine
quality and productivity, complement our mission and is a further solution we can offer our client.
For more information on Rothco or Blaser, please visit

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