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Matthew and Son Engineering – Grinding Fluid, Cutting Fluids

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Matthew and Son Engineering have increased their productivity, economic efficiency and machining quality since changing to Blaser Swisslube’s liquid tool.

Matthew and Son Engineering were established in 1981 by Matthew Mayhew Senior. It began by doing production and general engineering and specialised in lathe and milling work. The company has grown and has purchased new CNC machines to better the companies quality and speed of production on turning and milling works. The company is rapidly progressing into a modern new age manufacturing facility, with three CNC lathes, a CNC machining centre as well as a Robotic welding plant. Matthew and Son Engineering pride themselves on the quality of their products, their service excellence and delivery.

“I was looking for a coolant that offers a long tool life, a quality finish and is cost effective” states Matthew Jnr. When Rothco presented Blaser to Matthew and Son and explained the value of the liquid tool, they immediately understood the potential benefit Blaser could make to their manufacturing processes and agreed to trial Vasco 5000.

Vasco 5000 is an ester oil based water miscible cutting fluid, ideal for the most difficult operations and surface tolerance requirements. It is used in difficult machining and grinding application – so almost custom tailored for the situation at Matthew and Son Engineering.

The initial trial was done on a Hyundai Wia SKT 21. The trial lasted for approximately two months and during this time it showed no foaming tendency or unpleasant odour and was considered operator friendly. There were improvements in the tool life, a noticeable difference in the surface finish and a remarkable improvement in skin irritations experienced by Matthew Junior himself. On evaluating the benefits, it was found that where they were using on average 60 inserts per 1000 components with their previous coolant, with Vasco 5000 they are now using on average 12 inserts per 1000 components. This is a 400% increase on tool life. Apart from a saving on tooling, the top up required was much less. Beforehand they would need to top up with between a 4 – 6% concentration, however, with Blaser liquid tool the top up was 1 – 2%, contributing to a further saving.

The new coolant had managed not only to satisfy, but to exceed all of Matthew and Son Engineering expectations of a coolant. Therefore the decision was made to use Blaser on a further 3 Hyundai Wia machines. ”In order to run an engineering company that prides itself in its quality products, one needs to use the best equipment available to help them measure up internationally”, says Matthew Junior.

“Only the application of the optimal coolant, well maintained and harmonized with the machining operations of the customer, will turn the coolant into a “liquid tool” and significantly influence productivity, economic efficiency as well as the machining quality,” explains Robert Wyche, CEO Rothco.

Matthew and Son Engineering are continuing their cooperation with Rothco, by trialing a new product to the South African market, Blasocut GR50, which is a full-synthetic (oil free) water miscible cutting fluid for grinding.

Formerly known as Edwin Roth, Rothco specialises in the supply of innovative solutions for the manufacturing industry, supported by comprehensive consultation, training and support services.

Established in 1952, the company boasts more than 60 years of expertise, combined with the very latest technology and the most innovative manufacturing solutions. Based in Johannesburg, we have support throughout South Africa and are trusted suppliers to a range of manufacturing industries country-wide. Our mission is to deliver innovative and diversified solutions that add value to the manufacturing industry at large and our personalised solutions have a triple focus on people, productivity and profit.

Within our five specialised divisions (DESIGN, PROTOTYPE, MACHINES, SERVICE, and TOOLING) is ROTHCO tooling. Blasers “liquid tool” and their commitment to the client to improve economic efficiency, machine quality and productivity, complement our mission and is a further solution we can offer our client.

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