Mega Rolling Machine


Thread rolling with two rolling dies in thread rolling machine is in effect a cold forging process and forms the fibers of the metal instead of cutting it.

The advantage of this process is not only that it is the most rapid and accurate method of producing commercial screw threads in large quantity but also that it results in greater tensile strength, shear strength and resistance to wear than threads produce by the cutting process.

MEGA endeavors to keep up with up-to date advancing technologies in design/modifying their thread rolling machines to meet the demand of the automotive industry, machinery industry ,and many other industries requirements. All the advantages of cold forming are embodied by MEGA THREAD ROLLING MACHINES, such as uninterrupted grain flow material and surface consolidation, bright surface finish and substantial saving in production times.

The nominal diameter, pitch, and thread form are closely related when thread rolling is concerned. The machines illustrated in this leaflet are only a simple of the complete range of thread rolling machines made by MEGA.
Please ask for full details of a model suited to your particular thread rolling requirements.