Mega Bandsaw



A completely automatic cutting cycle synchronized with an automatic barfeed mechanism and stock clamping action provide accurate repetitive cutting.
An excellent blade tensioning system and guides keep the blade aligned and under constant load at all times.

A hydraulically controlled cutting feed maintains a constant cutting rate regardless of the workpiece cross section.
A power-driven brush continually flushed by a cutting fluid spout keeps the blade and saw guides free of chips for smoother cutting.
A quick approach and normal feed rate selector are equipped to cause the blade to quickly descend into position.
A ” Cutting Piece Counter ” is used to preset the number of cuts required during automatic operation.
Two hydraulically operated vises,one a fixed front vise,the other an indexible travelling vise in the rear side.
The hydraulically operated nesting fixture is designed for high producton multiple sawing of stacked bars, small roundsĀ and tubes. The fixture contains vertical cylinders mounted on the index and front vises. It holds stacked work firmly toprevent vibration.
A cutting length presetting device is built into the saw to preset the re-quired cutting lenght of a workpiece during automatic operation. It is simply operated by means of a read-out digital device.
Multiple stroke Preset Counter: when a cutting length of more than 16 is required, the number of strokes can be preset on this counter. The counter is capable of being set to a maximum of nine strokes 144 “