Makino Ram EDM machines


When precision, superb surface finish and low cost per part matters, no job is too big or too small for a Makino Ram EDM machines.

Machine highlights:

The EDAC1 provides a level of repeatability in the sub-micron range that makes it the ideal choice for micromachining aerospace, medical and telecommunications parts or any small, intricate carbide tooling.
Makino’s EDAF family of Ram EDM machines offers superior speeds and finishes with a variety of models to perform well in any application. With Makino’s proven rise-and-fall drop-tank design, the EDAF-Series is user-friendly and favorable for automation.

At 8,157 lbs., the affordable EDAF2 outweighs most machines in its class by more than two to one.

The EDAF2 sinker EDM machine, with its fine-hole option, achieves maximum micromachining performance with superior surface finishes.

The EDAF3, a larger, more dynamic version of the popular EDAF2, provides shorter machining times, high accuracy, high-quality surfaces, and fine-hole machining in a space-saving footprint.

The EDAF3 with HQSF™ has all the features of the EDAF3, with the addition of Makino’s proprietary High-Quality Surface Finish (HQSF) capability.
The Makino EDNC family of Ram EDM machines incorporates a wide array of technological advancements in one affordable package. Rugged construction and simple programming make them popular choices for a wide range of applications, while their advanced design and performance make them 30 percent faster than manual EDM machines.

The EDNC85 Ram EDM features the largest tank size in its class, which enables accurate EDM work on the largest workpieces.

The EDNC Rib Head option provides one of the fastest jump speeds in the industry—1,574 IPM—that enables it to quickly machine deep, narrow ribs or slots.

The EDNC2015 is a mammoth, double-headed Ram EDM capable of precisely positioning and machining details in workpieces up to 22,000 lbs.