Makino 5-axis horizontal machining centers


Makino 5-axis horizontal machining centers provide unprecedented levels of productivity and accuracy in the most complex, full 5-axis machining applications.Regardless of the material or process at hand, Makino’s custom technologies provide world-class efficiency in contoured parts. Their ultra-high-accuracy rotary axes and superior motion-control systems eliminate compound errors and maximize accuracy while improving speed and productivity reducing part cycle times.

All Makino 5-axis HMCs are configurable for automated manufacturing. When our 5-axis horizontal machining centers are integrated into an automated system, manufacturers can expect spindle utilization rates of up to 95 percent, and fully unattended operation over nights and weekends. By maximizing utilization, Makino 5-axis HMCs achieve the highest levels of productivity at the lowest achievable cost per part.

In North America, Makino 5-axis horizontal machining centers are supporting manufacturers by giving them a globally competitive edge by making the parts that matter in the most demanding applications.

Additional Information:

The Makino MAG-Series of 5-axis horizontal machining centers are the ideal choice for machining medium to large aluminum airframe components. Unparalleled metal-removal rates and superior chip management systems have raised the bar for productivity and efficiency.

The Makino MCD-Series of 5-axis machines are designed for machining hard metals such as stainless steels and titanium for the aerospace industry and other complex applications. These trunnion-style machines are supported by box ways, high-torque spindles and dual-driven rotary axes.

The Makino T-Series with ADVANTiGE™ titanium machining technologies provide four times the productivity and up to nine times the tool life over traditional titanium milling.

The Makino G-Series horizontal machine is capable of multifunction grinding, milling and drilling of difficult-to-machine nickel-based alloys. Eliminate non-value-added time in the manufacturing process by combining grinding and milling operations.

All Makino 1-Series HMCs can be configured for full 5-axis horizontal machining applications, making them ideal systems for efficient machining in aerospace and medical manufacturing.