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Dimensional Gauging


Perceptron’s precision non-contact fully automated dimensional gauging solutions provide real-time process and part quality information. Systems can be supplied in-line to pace production or near-line to support manufacturing operations. Perceptron bespoke turnkey engineering team will design a solution using our standard modules and sensors to inspect critical features and part characteristics. Perceptron gauging solutions are well proven in the most rugged of industrial environments with over 900 installations in active daily use.

Advanced software allows monitoring of both part quality and manufacturing process either locally at the inspection cell or remotely from any global location providing both discrete feature measurement and 3D scanning data.


Perceptron’s Dimensional Gauging solutions are available with the following features:

Limits and Alarms – Configurable Trend, Specification and Reject limits that can be accessed by Control devices (i.e. PLC or Robot) for part containment.

Central Server – Allows Monitoring, Reporting and Configuration of all measurement cells from a single access point.

GD&T – A suite of built in functions that utilize single or multiple measurements to calculate GD&T results.

Reporting Client – Comprehensive suite of report templates and filtering capabilities that turn data into information.

Argus – Automated software utility that identifies data patterns causing build variation. For each pattern identified, the potential variation reduction value and an animated graphic is generated, significantly reducing the time to root cause complex build process issues.


Dimensional Gauging solutions can be configured in three different ways depending on your part and cycle time:

Structure mounted – Sensors installed on rigid modular tubing structure

Robot Mounted – Sensors installed on an industrial robot

Hybrid – Combination of structure mounted and robot mounted sensors


Perceptron’s Dimensional Gauging Solutions are commonly used in the following applications:

  • Vehicle Body-in-White
  • Vehicle Frames
  • Vehicle Engine Cradle
  • Vehicle Underbody
  • Exhaust Pipes