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3D Scanning

Percepton’s 3D Laser Scanning Solutions are available as a stand-alone product or with a selection of movers including Industrial Robots, CMMs, and Portable Coordinate Measuring Machines (PCMM). Depending on your application, we will guide you to determine the best solution for your specific scanning and measurement application.

Standalone Scanning

Mount-ClampBased on Perceptron’s revolutionary Helix sensor technology, the Smart3D scanning solution allows for configurable scan volume and line density. This functionality combined with the new ScanWorks Studio software make the process of scanning 3D objects both fast and easy.

The software workflow takes the user through a step by step process to create scanned part data that can be exported as a polygonised mesh for both 3D printing and reverse engineering applications.


PCMM Scanning

perceptron-pcmm-v5The Perceptron V5 with its wide field of view and user friendly range finding projector has been developed specifically for the portable scanning market and is the only sensor certified for use by the largest North American aerospace company.

These systems are perceived to be less accurate than stationary measurement devices such as CMMs but portable scanning allows for moving the measurement to the part location or performing larger parts inspection that are either too heavy or too large to fit on a traditional CMM table.


CMM Scanning

Perceptron-ScanR-green-laserPerceptron is proud to introduce the ScanR, the new standard in universal laser scanning. The ScanR comes in two models; the high performance Green Laser ScanR for more difficult surfaces and finishes or Red ScanR for the more demanding budget.

Perceptron also offers its highly proclaimed ScanR Green and ScanR Red as a complete turnkey solution by combining it with an application suitable Coord3 CMM from a comprehensive portfolio of models, sizes and price points or as a retrofit to re-purpose existing CMMs. Both solutions come with the highly intuitive, easy to learn yet highly capable TouchDMIS software which allows the user to combine the best of touch probing with the speed of laser scanning.


Robotic Scanning

perceptron-robotic-scanningPerceptron’s fully automated scanning solution that captures a 3D digital representation of your part. The inspection routine is fully automated from start to finish. Upon completion of the data acquisition and analysis process, the user is automatically presented with a customized report that highlights complex form and surface deviations relative to CAD model as well as discrete point information for critical features such as edge, holes, slots and studs.