MetroLogic Reseller

Our "better" approach

Leaving behind our past as a brilliant machine tool company, Rothco has evolved into something even better, a manufacturing production and solutions provider with the insight and knowledge to evaluated our clients’ entire processes and advise on the optimum, comprehensive solution.

We believe in offering our clients the peace of mind of knowing that their entire manufacturing process has been minutely examined and tested, putting our quality solutions and depth of knowledge to work in designing the best solution.

Our people are key to what we do and are carefully selected not only for their skills and knowledge, which we augment with constant training and development, but for how well they match our company vision. At Rothco we are all perfectionists and our dedication to service is legendary.

While we are constantly on the lookout for the latest advancements in technology, it is through our people that we are able to harness this technology and channel it to the optimum benefit of our clients. Making technology available to those who need it most, we put our creative skills to use in implementing and tailoring technological solutions to ensure that our clients’ most detailed needs are met.

Through our passion for innovation, we are able to reinvent our clients’ production processes, allowing them to benefits from technological or workflow improvements without needing to keep their finger endlessly on the pulse of industry developments, secure in the knowledge that we are here to do it for them.

Maximising profitability and creating sustainable production models, our approach combines quality, expertise, innovation and integrity to find the best solutions and ensure that our clients’ investment into machinery is bearing the greatest possible rewards.