MetroLogic Reseller

Creating a Legacy

We believe that, through our mission of making the brilliant even better, we will leave a legacy of quality in the manufacturing processes industry.

With our commitment to innovation, Rothco has taken the lead in the groundbreaking field of rapid 3D prototyping. With this technology developing at a staggering pace, we have made a considerable investment in becoming experts in this field, which we believe has the potential to provoke revolution in manufacturing.

Working in exclusive partnership agreements with a number of manufacturers of technology for the industry, we are confident that we are able to offer our clients the latest and most up-to-date products for their needs.

The splitting of the company into specialised divisions has also allowed Rothco to focus on the up-skilling of staff and to dedicate the required resources to provide our clients with an even more improved and dedicated level of service.

We believe that our planned developments in trade networking will allow us to foster a new spirit of engagement in the industry, resulting in significant benefits for suppliers and clients alike.